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Dill Havarti Vegan Cheese
Vegan Dill Havarti

Currently, I have the following vegan cheeses and other non-dairy products on my menu. Each week, I bring just a small selection of my cheeses and vegan products to the farmer’s market. If you would like to find out what is on offer for a specific week, you can also find that information on my Facebook page. Of course, you can place orders for your preferred cheeses by contacting me by phone at 765-543-5110 or by talking to me at the Lafayette farmer’s market, Purdue’s farmers market, or Indlps Original Farmers Market. In placing orders, please keep in mind that some of my cheeses – for example the aged hickory smoked cheese – take approximately 2 months to make.

2020 Vegan Cheese List

                                                 Cheese Balls:

  • Medium Sharp cheddar, Smoked Cheddar, Smoked Gouda, or Vegetable Havarti flavorful cheese balls topped w/ green onions & toasted pecans 


Mozzarella A cashew based cheese that is semi soft and a creamy nutty flavor
• Sundried Tomato Basil Mozzarella A cashew based cheese (soy free) with tangy bits of sundried tomatoes and plenty of home grown fresh or dried basil
Herbed mozzarella A soy based mozzarella full of flavor. Great for shredding and melting
• Mozzarella Fresca A soy based mozzarella formed in balls and stored in a salt brine. Perfect for authentic Italian pizzas.   (8-9 balls)

Aged Hickory smoked Cheese An 8-week aged white cheddar cashew cheese smoked with hickory chips. it takes 8 weeks; so plan ahead
• Variation: whiskey infused, aged 8 weeks white cheddar cashew cheese smoked with hickory chips
• Hard Parmesan A cashew based parmesan that you can grate as you need. Keep refrigerated and it will last for months.
• Grated A cashew based parmesan that is convenient, lasts for months, and needs no refrigeration.
• Nut Free Parmesan A tasty sunflower based parmesan.
                                             Soy Based Cheeses
Dill Havarti A soy based creamy cheese with lots of flavorful dill. In spring and summer dill is harvested right before making. Dill is also home grown, harvested, dried, and stored for the best tasting Dill Havarti in winter

Poblano Havarti A soy based creamy cheese with flavorful fresh poblano peppers. A little spice & a lot of flavor

Vegetable Havarti A soy based creamy cheese filed w/ flavorful vegetable pieces.

Smoked Provolone A soy based creamy provolone smoked with hickory chips

Muenster A tasty creamy soy based cheese. Great on your veggie or beyond burger

Cheddar A soy base creamy cheddar great on any burger
• Variations: Smoked Cheddar smoked with hickory wood chips or jalapeno cheddar

Swiss A soy based creamy swiss great with plenty of flavor

Smoked Gouda A soy based creamy gouda smoked with hickory wood chips or add Caraway seeds.

Roasted Red Pepper A creamy cheese with both cashew and soy accented with fire roasted sweet red peppers to give it a rich and full flavor

Feta A soy based crumbled cheese with herbs great in salads or wraps

Herbed Cheese Spread a soft spreadable soy and cashew based cheese mixed with chives and herbs. Great for your next party.

Nacho Cheese Sauce!!!!!!! Ready to go NACHO CHEESE. Soy Based and made with chopped red and green jalapenos and spices. Just heat and serve.

Pesto (seasonal)A walnut based pesto with lots of fresh basil and seasonings and vegan
parmesan. Rich in flavor. Great with pastas, in wraps, as a french fry dip, as a sandwich
spread and more. This is a seasonal item because of the amount of basil needed.

                                                    Soy Free Cheeses
The Swizzle Cheese Line:
Colby Jack Soy Free
Swiss Savory Swizzle Soy Free Swiss swirled with Soy Free Roasted Red Pepper
Sunset Swizzle Soy Free Cheddar swirled with Soy Free Roasted Red Pepper
Soy Free Cheddar
• Soy Free Swiss
• Soy Free Roasted Red Pepper
Salsa Jack Cheese Soy Free with a big kick form salsa spices and fresh red and green
* Variation: fresh home-grown cilantro (seasonal)
Swiss w/ Chives Soy Free Swiss with fresh cut chives
Kalamata Olive and Basil Cheese Soy Free with Greek Kalamata olives and home               grown fresh or dried basil.
Savory Garlic and Basil Cheese Soy Free and rich in flavor with home grown fresh or    dried basil.
                      Wheat based meats for cheese & crackers:
Hard salami a semi spicy vegan genoa salami. Great with a smoke cheese & wine!
Peperoni full of flavor for crackers, sandwich or a pizza!

                                                  To Order
The best way to reach and confirm order: call Julieann Davis 765-543-5110 or
Facebook:thevegancheeselady …..friend me, message me! I Love to hear from you all.
All Cheeses are GMO and Gluten Free. All packaging is eco-friendly and recyclable.

                                        The Vegan cheese Lady Special orders & catering
Check the circles you are interested in.
Most prices are dependent upon size of order.
O Salami, peperoni, ham, w/ choice of 3 cheeses, greens, fruit and crackers for a charcuterie board
O Hummus or Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
O Nacho cheese sauce:
O Nacho cheese w/ salsa & chips
O Salads: leaf w/ seasonal fruit or veggies
O Quinox & black bean salad
O Cucumber salad(summer only)
O Italian pasta salad w/ salami, peperoni, & pepperoncini’s
O Broccoli slaw, potato salad, bean salad: price varies
O Rice or pasta w/ seasonal veggies
O Vegan mac n cheese w/ choice of pasta, cheese & veggies: by the lbs or 9×13 tray
O Black bean salad w/ peppers, tom, & onion
O Skillet cornbread
O Cole slaw or cilantro lime slaw (seasonal)
O Savory bread swirls
                                                      Mains: prices vary for larger catering events

O Chicken salad
O Ham salad
O Red & Black Chili or Ham & Beans
O Brats: 5/ pack (all the same kind & frozen) options: Regular Bavarian, smoked cheddar, chipotle brats, beer brats, Andouille
O Jumbo shells stuffed w/ spinach ricotta (fresh or frozen, 9x 13 trays) 9 servings
O Lasagna (fresh or frozen 9 x 13 trays) 9 servings
Options: spinach ricotta
Gluten Free
O spinach ricotta w/ Italian sausage (wheat based)
O Pesto pasta(summer only) (hot or cold) w/ or w/ out
vegan meat & seasonal veggies
O Burrito/ taco bar
O Sandwich platter of meats: roast beaf, ham, chicken, or turky (choice of 3), Choice of 3 cheeses, a choice of bread, & vegan mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato, & homemade pickles: price varies by size
O Broccoli stir fry w/ rice, cashew, & choice of meat (price varies)                                            Fettuccini alfredo w/ or w/out broccoli, mushrooms, & chicken (price varies)

An intimate dinner for 2-4 people:
*Roast beaf (wheat based) w/ potatoes, carrots onions & mushrooms
*Corned beaf (wheat based)w/ potato, cabbage, & carrots
*A brown sugar mustard glazed ham(wheat based) w/ vegan cornbread stuffing & a Vegetable $ approx.
*Roast Turky w/ vegan cornbread stuffing and a vegetable aprox

Special orders must be placed 10 business days before delivery or pick up. All shipped orders must be placed 10 days prior to shipping
All catered orders must be finalized 1 month before event date. Any changes must be made and approved no later than 2 weeks before event
Name:______________________________ Date of event______________Time__________
Email: ______________________________________________phone________________________

o Pick up o Delivery (within Tippecanoe co)

o Fully Catered
For catered events:
Type of event_______________________________________________


# people to be served______

Estimated cost_________________ 25% down___________________
Final payment due at time of delivery or pick up

* Please note that our ingredients may be changed from time to time. We recommend that you always check the label on the product on the day of purchase, especially if you are concerned about food sensitivities. I can not guarantee that my products do not contain traces of a food allergen as they are made in a shared commercial kitchen. Please be aware of this if you have severe food allergies.

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